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Rescue by way of Mumbai

I'm knackered. [To non-Australians, this only means exhausted.]  Swancon, the Perth sf convention, has been happening this Easter.  Since I'm saving for the Worldcon, I was only there on Saturday but enjoyed it a lot.  Ok, I was there for the Aurealis Awards on Friday since I had been asked to be one of the presenters, but this was more like work.  They said, after I'd done my bit, that it was being live streamed to Facebook so I guess it's still findeable there.  I'm the geek in the purple shirt and the tie :-)

Yesterday and today I have been engaged with making my home Internet happen.  My connection has been terrible, moving to nonexistent late last week, and so it dawned on me that maybe this was personal, not a general "we have all crashed" event.  I've had two lengthy phone calls with Iinet and to give credit where it is in fact due, I had little trouble getting hold of the technical assistance geeks.  Yes, Indian call centre, but they knew what they were doing.  Luckily, as a court transcriber, I have to deal with a lot of accents, and I'm sure that helps with this kind of thing.

 More trouble following instructions which is why I'm so tired.  I had to focus like mad to be certain I did everything correctly.  I'm a writer, not a tech.  

On the first call, we arranged that the line to the house would be checked.  Since it was Easter weekend, I wasn't expecting anything till Tuesday or Wednesday.  

Well.  The Telstra guy got me out of bed this morning.  Easter Monday.  The check was done; the line was fine, very good reception, as a matter of fact.

I staggered out of the house afterwards to get somewhere where somebody else could cook me an excellent omelette, which I inhaled, with mushrooms, cheese, spinach and coffee.  The coffee was not with the other ingredients until I finished all of it.

Still could not get online.  Today, talked with Iinet again on their instructions, after the Telstra guy called them.  Messed with everything.  Had to call friend to ask about modem connections.  After all the messing about and unpluggings, I could no longer remember the basic fact of where to plug in on the modem.  Also trouble with own name.

Iinet promised that the second fault check should be done and things sorted out by the 19th, but whatever they have done so far has helped a lot.  I no longer know wtf is or was going on.

I will be back at work tomorrow for a nice rest.

If I fail to respond to any online messages after this, you know why.  I don't think there's anything urgent out there, so my remaining brain cells will be standing down.

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[personal profile] lysanatt 2017-04-17 01:32 pm (UTC)(link)
OMG, have a good long rest. You do sound knackered indeed. (And for those not speaking BrE, it means 'exhausted'. ;))

But the Internet company sounds competent, surprisingly, so hopefully you have good connetion from now on, making all the hassle worth it.