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Raised By Rats

I've updated my two journals, Livejournal and Dreamwidth; basically making them one journal, updating the info in my bio and also choosing a new journal title: Raised By Rats.  I don't have any rats right now, but I want to acknowledge all they've done for me :-)  

I hadn't realised I never filled in profile bio info on DW but anyway, it's there now.  Or people can ask me stuff :-)  

I'm on holiday at the moment; decided to take a few days after the long weekend to just chill and do things I never seem to get to on work days.  Like last night I went to book club; a club run by Stefen of Stefen's Books in Perth.  We discussed Robert Charles Wilson's The Affinities, which I have to admit I read on Kindle as I am trying to keep my book spending (and any spending) way down until after I go to Finland in August.  Most of my reads so far this year have been from the library, with two Kindle purchases only.  

Anyway, The Affinities was such that I was glad I didn't spend full actual book price on it.  The writing style was passive, the protagonist rather forgettable and the premise of a scientific method to create what are basically fraternities - for only some of the population - is dubious.  Yes, it would be wonderful to be part of a group who absolutely understood you, but the idea of creating new exclusivities struck me, and some of the book club, as designed to fail.  The phrase "A class theme with a B class author" resonated through the evening.  I like Wilson, have several of his books including Darwinia and Julian Comstock, but I think he missed the mark on this one.

I added an account of visiting M but then my comp froze and I lost it.  M was on best behaviour, but memory is increasingly crap.  At least M now seems to be aware of it.
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So annoying when computers lose stuff. At least the visit to M was better than expected.
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I like "Think of Finland" :-)

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Do you think you will adopt more rats in the future? Completely selfish of me but I miss your rat stories and photos.

I'm glad that M behaved. Must have been a relief for you!