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Who am I?


For the benefit of the new friends I’ve gained via St Aurafina’s friending meme and anyone else on my flist who doesn’t want to admit that they can’t remember who I am and why they friended me….

My name is Alex and I live in Perth, Western Australia. We’re the world’s most isolated capital city and people in other parts of Australia sometimes bitch about being transferred here for work.

This is put together from my profile on LJ, where I’ve been blogging since 2004. There I’m ratfan. I got rid of my DW journal a couple of years ago in an intense fit of depression and rather than sort through the electronic paperwork to get the name back, I just added another “t” to the ratt. About the depression; well, I’ve been on Lexapro on and off for about 12 years and I think I’m stuck with it. I tried lowering the dose this holidays and it didn’t work too well, so I’m going to give up on that. Better living through chemistry.

My day job is audio transcribing for our State and Federal courts, which means I learn a whole lot of stuff I am absolutely forbidden from using in writing.  I've got a good grip on libel legislation.  I blog/bitch about my job, my mother, conventions, roleplay and boardgaming, gardening, books;  anything that comes to mind, really.  No partner or kids.  Working on my fitness at the moment, though my low sugar/low salt diet got blown out of the water this New Year's and I discovered you could actually suffer a sugar hangover.

I'm a pet owner [sadly have no rats, here at the beginning of 2017. Probably will get more...]

science fiction fan

writer [original and fan.  Have written in Star Trek, Babylon 5 and Supernatural; currently huge fan and would-be minion of Crowley, King of Hell].

gamer [GURPS, V&V, online Scrabble via Facebook]


transgender person [Prefer he/him pronouns but some people can’t get used to it and honestly, I hate making people uncomfortable, so it's not an issue].

My most recent creation is Nightsiders, a collection of stories set in a future Perth abandoned when climate change becomes too severe to tolerate in Western Australia. I'm writing a novel in this world. I may be writing it for some time as it stalled last year. At the moment, for my own amusement, I’m inflicting the zombie apocalypse on my beloved city. There will be a scene in Parliament with poli-zombies led by Premier Basket Case. Do you think the real Premier Barnett will notice?

I don't watch a lot of live television but have adopted Netflix. My growing list of favourites includes Supernatural, The Walking Dead, The West Wing, Jessica Jones, Fringe, Helix, Lost Girl, I Zombie, Sons of Anarchy, The OA. Netflix is my friend. Happy to receive recommendations.

I got a camera last year and went mad with photos, which can be viewed at

If this link doesn’t work properly, let me know. My computer operation ability sometimes cuts out on me.  There's only a couple there so far as I remembered my other collections weren't public and I needed to begin another one!

This journal is dedicated to my pet rats past and present. This is one diary you guys can't gnaw!

This original LJ line is a bit outdated since I lost my beloved Barnaby on 10 December ’16 and for the sake of my finances, am waiting a few months until summer eases. I don’t use anything like the amount of electricity on airconditioning that I do when I have rats.

Anyway, nice to meet you and may there be much journal writing and friendship this year.

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*waves hello across the Nullabor*

I know people complain about Aussie Neflix not having the scope of the US version, but I'm really enjoying being able to dial up whatever TV I want and watch it. I've worked through Jessica Jones, I'm catching up on iZombie, and I started with the OA last week. I like living in this future, on that point at least.

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excellent "who am i" hon.

mmm.. netflix, let me see. "stranger Things", Vikings",The Killing, Peaky Blinders will have to think of more.
Am extremely peeved that they have removed SPN from Aus netfix //fumes// it was so convenient!

I also love scrabble but i play words with friends on my phone (hit me up if you ever want to play)

All the best with your writing in 2017!