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I was disconnected again last night; still on an hour's wait plus for a call back, but fortunately it connected again about half an hour ago.  Definitely Iinet's prob, which I seriously hope they can fix sooooon and that I don't get another major drop out.  Needed to go out anyway, despite another hot day, to buy a new phone cable - wasn't causing the problem but very old and mouse-chomped, so preemptive maintenance - and hit the library to stop me buying more ebooks.  I'm also waiting for a book to come in from Book Depository.  It's called One Year Later, sequel to One Second Later by William Forstchen; one of the best 'emp attack destroys civilisation" books I ever read.  He's coauthored books with Newt Gingrich, who provided the foreword for the first novel.

I've mostly been on rereads so far this year, all 10 days of it, except for Joshua Guess's This Broken Veil, a zombie apoc with real characters!  I reread Simon Scarrow's Under the Eagle, which may possibly have been before New Year, and then the Timerider series by his brother Alex, who also borrows Simon's Roman military characters for one of those books :-)  It had been sufficiently long that I couldn't quite recall the ending of the Timerider series, so they could stand a reread.  So today, new books:  J.D. Robb's Apprentice in Death and a thing called The Romanov Cross by Robert Masello, which seems to feature Rasputin and also a modern day threat from a buried source of the 1918 flu in Antarctica.  Being a thriller and not an apocalypse novel, I can predict that the reawoken virus won't destroy the world, but one can hope :-)

This being summer; Perth is hot and crowded, particularly with children, since they haven't been safely locked up yet, so I headed home soon as I finished the cable shopping and library and rations gathering.

Good news; read a post by Mark Sheppard yesterday announcing that Supernatural had been renewed for a 13th season. 
For possible Supernatural season 12 spoilers )
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This post is to introduce my revived Dreamwidth journal.


At the moment I have only a couple of friends on it, so this is a shout out to folks who might use Dreamwidth as their primary journal and only take a glance at Livejournal now and then, that I’m here and would like some more friends, please! Or people I’ve lost track of who only live on DW.

Leece and Chaosmanor, would you mind sharing this post on your DW journals to see if any of your friends would like to acquire me?

I'm a pet owner [ two delightful representatives of rattus norvegicus, Dario and Barnaby]
science fiction fan [Supernatural, space travel, zombies, apocalypse fiction, conventions, gaming]
writer [mostly in hiatus]
gamer [RPGs, board games, Scrabble nut]
court transcriber [tags:  the day job, the gulag]
transgender person
Greens voter
photographer [new hobby, shiny new camera]

About writing: My most recent creation is Nightsiders, a collection of stories set in a future Perth abandoned when climate change becomes too severe to tolerate in Western Australia.

I don't watch a lot of television but have adopted Netflix and Iview. My growing list of favourites includes Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Fringe, Helix, Lost Girl, I Zombie, The West Wing, Jessica Jones. Netflix is my friend, except when it gives me a hard time for using a VPN to access the US Netflix menu.


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