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rattfan ([personal profile] rattfan) wrote2017-04-30 05:44 pm

Rail Replacement Buses and other Chaos

Today there were no trains, only Rail Replacement Buses between home and the city.  I reminded myself today that they really are a lot more chaotic than the trains they replace!  I accidentally got on the wrong one, since both leave from the same area, same side of the train station.  Then one sailed past me while I was desperately trying to get across the road to head back the other way, without being flattened.   I made gestures at it, but to no avail.

After I finally caught a bus, I heard the driver ask what station we were next to at one point and then, the bus stopped very neatly so that its back door was exactly opposite two large red bins.  Old bloke trying to get off complained loudly - but squeezed himself between the bins before the driver could move the bus.  Then on the way home, the driver wouldn't let a couple with a pram get on because they already had two prams aboard.

Yeah, I know.  If I'd been paying attention, I would have remembered the trains from Midland weren't running today.  And a person with brains would probably have given up and gone home, but I'd said I'd go to the Trans support group today, so figured I had to.  Was a bit tired but had slept ok, so no excuse there.  I like to show up now and then as a visible reminder that not everyone in the group is around 20 years old, which tends to bug me now and then.  There was one other person my age and three of the 20 somethings in attendance.  One of the latter was moderating the group.

I don't really know what I can do about the focus on youth.  It's not just this group, it's everything in the media.  I don't want to bring in more divisions, we have enough of those, but the focus needs to widen.   And then when I was talking about the problems my mother's generation has in accepting the idea of transgender people, and I placed her in time by saying she had been a child during the Blitz, I realised that one of the 20 somethings had no idea what I meant by "the Blitz."   "Bombing of London?  World War 11?"  They did at least flicker at the name World War II, which was something, but geez.  What do they teach them in these schools?  It would have been an American school, but they teach this generation about that, don't they?

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