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rattfan ([personal profile] rattfan) wrote2017-04-26 02:11 pm

I'm baaack!

Terry, the guy from Telstra, has been and gone and my Internet is back.  It turns out the guy who was sent out the first time did not properly investigate the situation, not even examining the lines over at the pillar (node that links to the phone line exchange).

One of my theories as to why my connection was dropping out turns out to be correct.  The NBN digging is not involved, nor are the roadworks.  It was line fault due to age, further affected by temperature.  All the lines close to the surface are faulty, Terry said, so he transferred my connection to one lower down in the earth, which turned out to be all right.  My only problem now should be, if I upgrade to the NBN, whether they do something stupid.  They're still using the old copper to link to the houses, so it's not going to be anything super wonderful, the way Iinet and other ISPs are telling us.  

You know, I don't care about super speed.  I just want the speed I have, which is fairly decent, and for the connection to work.

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