Jan. 29th, 2017

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 Now that I've decided to go to Helsinki, Finland, for the Worldcon this year, I have to make sure I can pay for it and not be totally broke afterwards.  So I am doing my periodic entertainment of working out ways to save money.

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There's not much to report in RL; back at work, doing okay so far.   It's still pretty quiet, no frantic pleas for overtime (just when I would have taken it, too!)  and quite a few people are still on leave, or going on leave.  I still haven't managed to get off the anti-ds (shrug, may try again later).   Did lose another couple of kilos and the rest is firming up some, more muscle definition which I am very happy about, but why do I have to have hairs up my nose?

Supernatural is back and I watched the re-start episode on Friday with a couple of fan friends, on a really nice big screen TV.  It wasn't a bad episode, but I was doing a lot of "why didn't they do that?" or "That was too easy," in my head.  I think I've been affected by the very realistic violence of SOA, which I'm not enjoying as much as I was for the first few seasons, but am persevering because there's only one more season to watch.  I think they should do a SOA/Walking Dead crossover; it's the natural progression!

I see in the news that there is a move in California for secession.  I would have said this was crazy and never happen, but then, this time last year I still thought the reason they want to secede would never happen!  Scary shit.  Hang in there, everyone I know in America.  Just....hold on.


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