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rattfan ([personal profile] rattfan) wrote2017-01-09 04:03 pm

The intermittent internet company

I'm a little on the phobic side about phone calls, but today had to make one of the worst; a call to my Internet service provider to ask wtf? I had been trying for several hours to get online without success, so there was no alternative.

Their stated delay before calling back was one hour; it was more like three before they finally did, and then they made me jump through idiot hoops. Yes, it's plugged into the wall. No, I cannot get online. How am I supposed to tell you invoice details when those are online? If I had another modem, I'd be using that, not beating my head against a wall as I talk to you. The whole emphasis was that it must be my equipment failing. I asked directly in the end and then the minion admitted that iinet did have issues and that those could have caused my difficulties.

Once "something" was done and I could get online, I realised the difficulties were widespread, and more than iinet were saying. Reading the comments was more helpful. I especially appreciated the person who suggested that the II in iinet should stand for "intermittent internet" because that's what I've been dealing with for months. Today was just the icing on the cake. It's a pity; they used to be a very good service.

Probably wasn't the best time for them to send me an email requesting customer service feedback . . .

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