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Book Blog: Autumn The City by David Moody


 This book is the sequel to Autumn and above is the link to the review I did for that, since I haven’t much new to say about this one.  I hoped for more, is the gist of it.  As indicated, it takes place in a large, nameless British city and features various people who start off on their own, surviving an apocalypse which came about when a lightning fast disease struck down most of humanity.

The resulting ‘undead’ are referred to as “the bodies” and they kill by sheer pressure of numbers and random violence as their aggression increases.  They don’t actively hunt and eat the living, which probably isn’t an awful lot of comfort when you're being steamrollered by a horde of them.

 It felt like I was waiting for most of the book for the whingey survivors to actually do something.  They literally sat around and ate whatever junk food they could find, waiting for somebody else to take control and arguing with one another.  This is no survival of the fittest; survival by accidental luck would be more like it.  One survivor, a sales clerk, was so annoying and whiny that I felt a sense of relief when he died in a particularly stupid manner.

There’s a military base at the edge of the city with a population of soldiers who aren’t immune, but survived because they were sent down into it at the outbreak.  They don’t seem to know what to do either and they wait for somebody…you got it.  One soldier on a scouting mission finds out he is immune from the plague that still lives in the air, by a freak and horrible accident, and while not exactly a leader, he is, finally, the catalyst for the survivors to move together.  These include Michael and Emma from the first book, though I don’t think it’s essential to read that, as at least the first half of this book is almost a duplicate of that, with different characters in a bigger metropolis. 

 I’m not sure I’ll bother continuing with this series, which has several more books in it.  Three and four are titled, respectively,  Autumn Purification and Autumn Disintegration, which sounds like more whingeing and despair to me.  The first one begins with the surviving survivors still stuck in the military bunker to which they fled, leaving their city to hundreds of thousands of mindless walking corpses.  Zompoc British style.

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